Events conducted/participated in 2020:

26th Anniversary, March 1.

Events conducted/participated in 2019:

Dr. Swati Desai conducted a free 4 weekends workshop on Mindful Self Compassion for Seva members.

Seva conducted a 3 days workshop from August 16-18 on "Basic counselings to induct new volunteers.

Events conducted/participated in 2018:

25th Anniversary, September 9.

Press release:

Namaste_telangana, dated 10th September, 2018.

Other activities:

SEVA January-December 2018 Newsletter

Events conducted/participated in 2017:

23rd Anniversary, January 29.

Other activities:

SEVA January-December 2017 Newsletter

Events conducted/participated in 2016:

Seva took part in Seva Mela held on October 1 and 2nd @ Gandhi Medical College.
World Mental Health Day Campaign.

Awareness talk in Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, Narayanguda, on World Suicide Prevention day, Sept 10. Training Workshop, August 19 to 21.
22nd Anniversary, March 20.

Other activities:

SEVA January-December 2016 Newsletter

Events conducted/participated in 2015:

Visit by students of Karve Institute of Social Service on December 5th.
Seva Mela, October 3 and 4.
Awareness talk in various colleges of Hyderabad and Secunderababad on World Suicide Preventation day, September 10.
Training Workshop, August 7 to 9.
21st Anniversary, February 1.

Other activities:

SEVA January-December 2015 Newsletter

Events conducted/participated in 2014:        Clickhereto view the press clips.

Talk by Dr. Vijay Seshadri on November 9.
Seva Mela, October 4 and 5.
Awareness walk on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10.
Talk by Dr. Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar on August 10.
Attachment based Family Therapy-Talk by Dr. Pravin Israel
20th Anniversary, February 16.
Training Workshop, January 17 to 19.

Events conducted/participated in 2013:        Clickhereto view the press clips.

10K/7K Run, November 24.
Seva Mela, October 5 and 6.
Music for a Cause, October 2.
Talk by Shri Yandamoori Veerendranathon on September 29.
Awareness walk on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10.
19th Anniversary, January 27.

Events conducted/participated in 2012:

10K/7K Run, November 25.
Seva Mela, October 6 and 7.
Workshop conducted by Seva members, September 1.
Training Workshop, June 22 to 24.

Events conducted in 2011:

18th Anniversary
Karmayog Seva Mela       Clickhereto view the press clips.
Talks By Dr. Ali Khwaja ofBanjara Academy on September 17th & 18th. Clickhereto view the videos.
Training Workshop        Clickhereto view the videos.

Events conducted in 2010:

17th Anniversary
Karmayog Seva Mela
Panel Discussion
Training Workshop

TV/Press releases:

The Hindu - September 16, 2011
Andhra Jyothi - February 17, 2011

Sakshi - Sep 13, 2010

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