19th Anniversary

On Sunday, 27th of January, 2013, Seva's 19th anniversary was celebrated at Kamakoti Kalyana Mandapam, Padmaraonagar. A milestone was reached; teens were completed.

The important occasion became memorable with the star attraction of the evening; it was speech by the Chennai based chief guest - Dr. Vijay Nagaswami, who practices psychotherapy at all levels - Individual, Couple & Corporate. He is an author of 5 popular books: Courtship and Marriage: a guide for Indian couples, The Splintered Mind: Understanding Schizophrenia, The 24x7 Marriage, The Fifty-50 Marriage: Return to Intimacy and '3's a crowd: Understanding and Surviving Marital Infidelity. He is a columnist for "The Hindu" and conducts workshops, seminars for business corporates/individuals/couples on marriage & personal relationships management.

Dr. Vijay started his speech in a very friendly & informal way. This immediately built the rapport with the audience. His pleasant personality and soft voice started the magic but everyone was amazed by his tremendous knowledge backed by experience of 28+ years and his response to Q & A session.

Previous marriages were decided & invested by family. Now couples take the ownership. Previously husband played role of breadwinner/protector & wife the role of nurturer. Now roles are interchangable.He emphasized on spending quality time with each other & resolving the issue by discussion. He suggested to elders of the family to allow the couples to live their life.

Dr Vijay convinced the crowd that people should be open to accept individual's decision to remain single or couple's decision to remain childless or address divorce amicably. He suggested that rather than compromise with unhappy marriages (for the sake of children), couples should concentrate on improving their relationship. He also emphasised that in case the parents fight in front of their children, they should also make up in their presence, as children often tend to repeat the behavioral pattern of their parentsmore>>

The celebrations cannot be complete without entertainment & it was perfectly handled by Mr. Koustubh Pare & team's melodious performance in Hindustani Vocal. Mr. Kosutubh joined Sri Sathya Sai college of Music in the year 2004. He completed his Foundation, Diploma, and Post graduate Diploma courses and is currently teaching Hindustani Vocal Music there. Several CDs of his bhajans have been released and are famous internationally.

The function started sharp at 5:30 pm as planned. Ms. Hema Gandikota compered the function. Invocation prayers by Ms. Rohini and Ms. Pallavi built perfect mood of audience. It was just the beginning. 170+ invitees had already occupied their seats and were applauding to SEVA's success, summary of year's activites were shared by Mr. Thiagarajan as part of his welcome address.

Copies of compendium/directory of Mental Health Practitioners in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, was formally released. This was primarily the effort of Mrs. Saraswati & Ms. Deepa.

The celebrations ended with a vote of thanks by Raj Tapadia, followed by dinner.
Courtesy: Ch. Narendra

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