Talk by Dr. Vijay Seshadri

Dr. Vijay Seshadri's talk on "Issue of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse" was very well presented with a mix of medical and real life examples. Dr. Vijay bought out the harmful effects of drug abuse and how it is affecting the younger generation. The addiction to drugs is also due to the ease of availability of cough syrup, nail polish, kerosene etc.

Dr. Vijay Seshadri is an MD in Psychiatry with over 15 years of experience in general hospital psychiatry set up, dealing with various kinds of adult psychiatric illnesses with special focus on substance abuse and dual diagnosis.

He is a consultant with Chetana Hospital and Care Hospitals and also associated with Hope Trust.

His work currently involves clinical as well as research-academic and as an Investigator in multiple International multi centric drug trials. He is also involved as a co-investigator in a large community based study on epilepsy.

Interactive Q&A highlighted the importance of identifying the behavioral changes in an individual and looking deeper into the past to understand the present situation.

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