Suicide Prevention Awareness Talk by Seva's team

Till this year SEVA had been doing awareness walks either independently or in association with like-minded social groups. While this has been highly appreciated and acknowledged even by WHO, we at SEVA felt that we should try and reach out to a larger number than what has been possible by awareness walks all these years.

We chose the target group of youngsters in educational institutions. In our continuing effort to spread mental health awareness and prevent suicide, a batch of volunteers organized themselves and conducted several sessions through a whole week and addressed over 2,500 students (boys and girls).

The sessions were interactive and the students were asked questions like:

  • How often has the thought of suicide crossed your mind?
  • How often have you experienced a sense of desperation, loneliness and isolation, often concluding that life is not worth living?
  • Do you know of anyone close to you who has committed suicide?
  • Do people who commit suicide really want to die?

Further closing interactions and deliberations included the following questions leaving students to ponder and see if they can identify anyone among them feels isolated and if they could reach out some timely help.

  1. What according to you are the different reasons which drive people to suicide?
  2. At your level what are the precautions that you can take to prevent your fellow students from committing suicide?
  3. What drives these people to the edge?

The sessions were highly appreciated by students and college authorities and we at SEVA plan to conduct these sessions regularly hereon.

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